Pearl Grey

Pearl Grey

SKU: 0000008


The "M" in Pearl Grey

A Backpack 

A Tote Bag 

A Hand Bag &

A Briefcase


It is important to note that, due to the beautiful natural textures in all of our bags, they can look completely different dependant on lighting and on the angle that you look at them. Meaning you get to see a new beautiful feature or texture every time you look at them. 


All of our bags are made with stylish simplicy in mind, as well as safety, comfort and functionality. 


Internally the "M" has 4 seperate wallets & compartments. These include, a padded laptop/tablet wallet, a phone pocket, wallet/purse compartnent and a zip pocket for keys & change etc.  It is also capable of carring upto 4kg in weight.


Our simple yet effective design, with secure lock and magnetised front panel means your belongings will be safe and secure.


We have also taken into account that when being carried as a back pack, being wider at the top than the bottom, the "M" puts less pressure on your lower back. 


Being multifunctional means, it can be used as a backpack, a tote bag and a briefcase, all of which have retractable or detachable straps. 



As well as all of this, the "M" is also 



Greener for the Environment 


PetA Approved Cork Leather

Warm & Soft To Touch 




UV Protected 


    All of our bags are made with love and care and also undergo rigorous testing before they reach our online store. This means that faults should be very few and far between.  However, we know that sometimes things do go wrong and need attention. Any of our bags that reach you with genuine faults, will be replaced without quibble.

    As with any other bag or leather, general wear and tear is expected- creasing, folding and wrinkles are all classic characteristics of our bags and are not covered under our returns policy.  


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