Building this brand has been an absolutely amazing journey but, finally putting it out there for people to see was scary. One night after a large Malbec, lol, I decided to send my brand brand brief deck into Vegan Fashion Week. At very most I was wishing for some feedback from the events founder Emmanuelle, on what she thought of my brand, what I could do to improve it or and for it to be suitable to show at Vegan Fashion Week.

This event is covered by Vogue, Paper, LA Times, NY Times, Elle and many more, so I thought I was reaching and would be lucky to get any form of response at all. However, two weeks later, my phone pinged and the notification said 'Vegan Fashion Week' every hair on my body stood on end. When I opened the email, it was directly from the events founder Emmanuelle, letting me know that not only had we been selected to be part of the global event in LA in April but, also that she loved our collection and she was excited to collaborate with us for Vegan Fashion Week. I literally screamed and filled up with tears.

This was such huge huge news for both myself and the brand as a whole. The fact that an event of this size with such a reach, looked at our brand and was so impressed that they wanted us to be a part it, is incredible. I believe in what im doing here more than I can put into words and I know that we along with all the other plant based brands out there, can really change the tide on the way that the fashion industry uses skins and animal leathers. When you can create something beautiful out of trees, why on earth would we want or need to kill animals to express our creative vision through fashion?!

I guess the message here is that, believe in yourself, do what you love, give it your all and anything is possible. I have always been a 'jumper' the fear of failure doesn't scare m at all, the fear of never having tried does. If I fail I learn, but if I don't, I could get everything I've ever dreamt of.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the event has been postponed until October but we will be there to show LA and the worlds press that we, a small brand from Manchester, has a strong vision and intend on making huge waves in this industry to inspire change.

Blue sky the shit out of life and don't let anyone tell you your dreams are too big.

Big Loves SJ. xx


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