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Let's Get Comfortable

We started our journey in may 2017 and ever since that day, we've been working hard to offer you beautiful, stylish accessories that are edgy, practical, timeless and comfortable.

Quite simply, we make premium sustainable, gender neutral bags, accessories and luggage out of trees.

The Heart of FWF

Here at Fashion Without a Face we first spent three years; researching, sourcing materials, designing and prototyping with our teams to make sure that we created the highest quality bags for you, that have been made both ethically and sustainably.

All of our bags are made with 100% plant based leathers, sustainably sourced metalware and, our internal linings are made from recycled plastics and organic cotton.​​

Designed to be not only stylish & timeless but, with functionality and comfort in mind.

Our designs are 100% British, (Mancunian to be precise) and manufactured by incredibly talented and established, specialist bag makers in Italy, who also work with global big hitters in the Fashion Industry - they loved what they saw in us so much that they asked if they could create our designs for us. 

It all started with a sketch.

After making the decision to live a more sustainable lifestyle, our founder Scott was becoming increasingly troubled carrying a leather bag everyday. Having 20 years experience in both fashion and health & fitness, he decided to put his experience to good use and design himself a bag that would be timeless, cruelty free, kind to our planet and wouldn't put any pressure on his lower back when it was full. 

 He worked with a product designer called Lorna who was part of the accessories team at Burberry on an "innovative and never seen before" design and it was apparent from then on that this was now much more than a one off for himself.

Why 'Fashion Without a Face'

When asked "why is your brand called Fashion Without a Face?" our founder always responds with "what do you think the reason is?" 

Our name is supposed to be thought provoking, it's supposed to make you think, why? What does it mean? And the answer is simply that none of our products will ever come from a living animal, to which obviously ALL leather products do.

Lots of people also think that our name came from other reasons.

You can read more about this in our upcoming Blog Post

Our first piece - The 'M' and why we named it 'M

We have heart here at FWF and everything we do comes from a place of love, love for this gorgeous planet, love for fashion, love for sustainability and love for all the incredible humans that have help us get to where and who we are now and this is seen in our first ever piece, the 'M' bag. The name has a very special meaning to it.

You can read more about this in our upcoming Blog Post

The story behind our design aesthetic

When designing our first piece 'M', Scott knew that he wanted it to be timeless and simple but functional and comfortable too. Clean lines, contemporary silhouette and a firm structure were all top of the list. Not only that, he knew that he wanted the bag to be kinder to his body, often we lug around heavy bags, causing postural imbalances and causing back problems and this was absolutely not going to happen with FWF products

You can read more about this in our upcoming Blog Post


Why we use the materials we do

Researching materials, designing products and building a business ready to launch, took 3 years in total. The designs always come easy and the business model was strong but materials were our biggest challenge. When Scott started looking for Faux leathers to work with, he was struck by the amount of chemicals that were used to create these man made fibres and the impact they have on our planet and our waters. Not only this, they were all non-biodegradable! An absolute NO from us. So we started looking at plant based leathers. Mushroom, Pineapple, Apple, Bamboo, all great options but one stood out more than any other, Cork Leather. 

You can read more about this in our upcoming Blog Post


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