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Sustainability isn't a trend, it's the future!

Here at Fashion Without a Face we spent three years; researching, sourcing materials, designing and prototyping with our teams to make sure that we created the highest quality bags for you, that have been made both ethically and sustainably.

All of our bags are made with 100% plant based leathers, sustainably sourced metalware and, our internal linings are made from recycled materials.

Designed to be not only stylish & timeless but, with functionality and comfort in mind. Our designs are 100% British, (Mancunian to be precise) and manufactured by incredibly talented and established, specialist bag makers in Italy - they loved what they saw so much that they asked if they could create our designs for us. 

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Bags do Grow On Trees

All of our bag leathers are made from 100% cork oak leather, our linings and straps are made form recycled materials and, our metal work is ethically and sustainably sourced in Italy.

It has been incredibly important to us that cork leather be used in our collection as it is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.





Our owner & founder Scott Joseph, created the Fashion Without a Face brand in 2016, after making the conscious decision to become more aware of how and where he shopped.  Working in the fashion industry for over 20 years and, more recently, educating himself on how certain sectors of the industry create their products, he decided to put his experience, along with his passion for sustainability to use in the right way. This resulted in the creation of our first collection using of one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.

We make all of our stylish & timeless designs from TREES!  Yep, that's right, our leathers are made from oak. Their bark is farmed once every nine years when the oak tree is in a greater state of growth, meaning that the tree doesn't get cut down, it gets to restore itself, bigger and stronger. 

Some of the trees in the farms where our leathers are sourced are more than 100 years old!  Ramiro, who owns the ranch says, his trees are as important to him and as loved as his children. 

Once our materials reach our manufacturer in Italy, Monika and her team then lovingly put them together by hand, along with sustainably sourced metalware and linings made from recycled plastic bottles.

It has also been incredibly important to our owner & founder, that our collections be suitable for any gender, FOREVER!


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Our Returns Policy 

All of our bags are made with love and care and also undergo rigorous testing before they reach our online store. This means that faults should be very few and far between.  However, we know that sometimes things do go wrong and need attention. Any of our bags that reach you with genuine faults, will be replaced without quibble.

As with any other bag or leather, general wear and tear is expected- creasing, folding and wrinkles are all classic characteristics of our bags and are not covered under our returns policy.  

Our Payment Options & Shipping

It is really important to us that our products are as accessible as possible to everyone.  That in mind we have added PayPal to give you the option of either paying in one payment of £345 or, paying in instalments. 

Mainland UK shipping will be at a flat rate of £5.99 and WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is available, quotes on request.


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